Traverse the United States: from Virginia to California

This was a very nice trip. We started out on Dec. 15th, 2001, driving my roommate's pretty 2000 infiniti G20. I took some pictures on the way, and the sunset shot on I-40in New Mexico was very beautiful. I found a chance to visit my friend's family in Little Rock. Then my roommate and I made our way to the Grand Canyon and stayed there for 2 days and a half,which was not as great as I had expected, but was still worth all the driving, and the sunset and sunrisewere awesome. We spent the second day in Sedona, a small town 2 hours south to the Grand Canyon famousfor its red rock formations.Las Vegas is the stop after the Grand Canyon. The city is meant to take away all your money. I managed to lose only$15 during the 3-day stay :). Nevertheless, the surrounding areas have lots of wonderful landscapes. Lake Mead (one end of the Grand Canyon. The Hoover Dam is located here.) is the mostbeautiful lake I've ever seen in the United States. It's like a fairland. We also visted valley of fires, as indicated by the name, the rocks are really fire-red! Unfortunately, my Canon stopped functioning just as we arrived at the valley, so no more pictures. What a pity! We got to San Diego on 24th, and I flied back on 25th.

We drove all the way through Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona,Nevada and California. It was a 10-day, 3,663-mile trip. A lot of interesting things happened on the way. We had a close encounter with a deer (which just ignored us) in the Grand Canyon village, and met a huge hare off the highway in Arizona. Also in Arizona, one day when driving on the high way, it started to snow. And the clouds were so dark and low and heavy, we thought we'd probably get stuck in a storm. But ten minutes later, everything, the snow, the cloud, was gone. The sun was shining and the sky was so clear, like nothing ever happened!

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